Folksinger Clementine (from the Netherlands) grew up as a Captain's daughter. When her father came home after his long travels, sometimes he would be away for a year, her mother's chansons were replaced for his Celtic/Irish music.
Water, nature and freedom where fundamentals to her as she grew up sailing most of the time.
The Irish music became her lifeline with her father being away at sea. When she sings Celtic or Irish folk music now, it feels like coming home.
Nowadays she mixes the style naturally with Jazzy, Bluesy and even Chanson influences.

“She sings you to an unique atmosphere. An energy vibration of peace, order, enrichment, tranquility; an oasis in this chaotic world. An oasis where you can return in your own breath. A voice of light.”
— Ad Dec 23, 2017 (Experience of a life concert)


De Nederlandse zangeres Clementine voelde zich van jongs af aan al aangetrokken tot de zee, de ruigheid van de natuur en via haar vader, die kapitein was op de grote vaart, ook tot Keltische muziek. Haar eerste album is echte folk,maar met haar warme stem kan ze vocaal ook prima uit de voeten met country en pop georiënteerd materiaal. Ze studeerde songwriting aan het Berklee College of Music in Boston.


Comas are a multinational quartet bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, the New World and the Old, and energetic performance and tasteful repertoire. They are a musical force of nature juxtaposing the music of Ireland with that of Continental Europe and North America. With four members living in three different countries and drawing influence from their folk traditions as well as their own unique approaches to composition and variation, Comas put on a show like no other band in Irish music today.

Since they began touring in 2003, Comas have been one of the most recognized bands in modern Irish music throughout Europe and North America. Drawing their repertoire from the Irish musical tradition, as well as folk music styles from Belgium, Scotland, Canada, the United States and beyond, the four members of Comas also contribute their own original compositions which reflect a diverse range of influences, while gracefully managing the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. Having performed at nearly all of Europe's major folk festivals, Comas expanded their reach to North America in 2011, and have since enjoyed great success at theaters and festivals across the United States and Canada. With two powerhouse albums under their belt, their third recording effort is currently underway.

Urban Trad

Urban Trad, bouwde op korte termijn een stevige traditie op. Niet voor niets noemen ze hun muziek ‘traditionele muziek voor de 21ste eeuw’. Ze varen een eigentijdse koers, die het best aanleunt bij ‘wereldmuziek’. En laten we niet vergeten dat de groep ons land nog eens op de internationale muziekkaart zette, toen ze in 2003 met ‘Sanomi’ deelnamen aan het Eurovisiesongfestival en net naast de overwinning greep!

Urban Trad voorstellen is bij de ware muziekliefhebber een open deur intrappen. Het achtkoppige gezelschap bouwde op relatief korte termijn een stevige traditie op. Niet voor niets noemen ze hun muziek ‘traditionele muziek van de 21ste eeuw’. Met een combinatie van akoestische instrumenten, uitgekiende zanglijnen, een gedreven ritmesectie en moderne loops, brengen ze een unieke klank die alle leeftijden en bevolkingsgroepen raakt.
Vergeet ook niet hun opgemerkte deelname aan Eurosong 2003, waar ze de harten van het grote publiek veroverden met ‘Sanomi’, een lied in een imaginaire taal. Ondanks dit grote succes, bleef Urban Trad eigenwijs zijn gang gaan zonder op de bus van de Eurosongcommercie te stappen.
Urban Trad bouwde op de hoofdpodia van verschillende internationale festivals een sterke live reputatie op: Festival International de Louisiane (US), Dranouter Festival (B), Skagen Festival (DK), Colors of Ostrawa (CW), Triskell Festival (IT) om er maar enkele te noemen.

Urban Trad

Munnelly & Masure

David Munnelly: Diatonic Accordeon, Melodeon
Philip Masure: Guitar, Vocals

David Munnelly and Philip Masure met at a session in Co Mayo, Ireland, in 1998. They immediately where attracted to each others music.
Since then, they have been touring all over the world, as a duo, but also in different projects like Andar, MFM and The David Munnelly Band.
As a duo they bring a mix of instrumental and vocal music, inspired by the Irish tradition as well as Philip's Flemish background. Although they play mostly Irish music, their repertoire includes a lot of their own compositions which sometimes sound more classical or even jazzy.
This is all blended together with a perfect doses of humor, which makes their concert a worthwhile experience.

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Evertjan 't Hart: Uilleann pipes, Whistles, Bouzouki
Annemarie de Bie: Bodhran, Vocals, Flute
Siard De Jong: Fiddle, Bouzouki, Whistles, Vocals
Philip Masure: Guitar, Vocals

The band overwhelm their audiences with an immaculate, yet wild and passionate performance, in which they reach out and touch their souls, playing ballads and tunes from Ireland and Scotland.

Their approach to the music is with the deepest respect for its tradition, yet enriched by their own, quite original, arrangements. Flings' interpretation of Irish and Scottish music and original compositions got them impressive press-reviews full of praise, both nationally and internationally.

Fling plays acoustic music. While their music is deeply rooted in the Irish tradition, it is entirely their own because of a very unique and personal approach. Fling's sound is lightly influenced by the members backgrounds in jazz, soul, latin and rock'n roll and this comes through in the bands arrangements of traditional music and their own original compositions.

Muller & Masure

Isaac "Ies" Muller: Wooden flutes, Whistles
Philip Masure: Guitar, Cittern, Vocals

Isaac and Philip met while playing in the Irish music scene, in wicht they are both actively playing.
They share the stage on many international stages, playing with groups such as Hot Spoons, Urban Trad, David Munnelly,..

They play mainly Irish and Breton music, but many other influences can be heard in their playing. This brings great variety to their performances.

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The Helen Flaherty Band

Helen Flaherty: Bodhran, Vocals
Isaac "Ies" Muller: Wooden flutes, Whistles, Vocals
Siard De Jong: Fiddle, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Whistles, Vocals
Philip Masure: Guitar, Cistern, Vocals

The Helen Flaherty Band brings a program of Irish and Scottish music, with 4 vocals, fiddle, flute, cittern, guitar and bodhran.

Traditional and contemporary song and melodies, with both fresh and innovative arrangements.

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