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Comas are a multinational quartet bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, the New World and the Old, and energetic performance and tasteful repertoire. They are a musical force of nature juxtaposing the music of Ireland with that of Continental Europe and North America. With four members living in three different countries and drawing influence from their folk traditions as well as their own unique approaches to composition and variation, Comas put on a show like no other band in Irish music today.


Since they began touring in 2003, Comas have been one of the most recognized bands in modern Irish music throughout Europe and North America. Drawing their repertoire from the Irish musical tradition, as well as folk music styles from Belgium, Scotland, Canada, the United States and beyond, the four members of Comas also contribute their own original compositions which reflect a diverse range of influences, while gracefully managing the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. Having performed at nearly all of Europe's major folk festivals, Comas expanded their reach to North America in 2011, and have since enjoyed great success at theaters and festivals across the United States and Canada. With two powerhouse albums under their belt, their third recording effort is currently underway.

The Musicians of Comas

Isaac Alderson
flute, uilleann pipes
Anna Colliton
Aidan Burke
Philip Masure
guitar, bouzouki, cittern

Some highlights in Comas's performance career:

Celtic Connections - Glasgow, Scotland
Dranouter Folk Festival - Dranouter, Belgium (3 times)
Ennis Trad Festival - Ennis, Ireland (2 times)
Philadelphia Folk Festival - Harleysville, PA, United States
Gatos del Fornu - Llugones, Asturias, Spain
Folkwoods - Nuenen, Eindhoven, Holland
Celtic Classic Festival - Bethlehem, PA, United States (2 times)
Mission Folk Festival - Mission, BC, Canada
Celtic Roots Festival - Goderich, Ontario, Canada (3 times)
Old Songs Festival - Altamont, NY, United States (2 times)
Hammersmith & Fulham Irish Centre - London, England (5 times)
Festa da Carballeira - Zas, Galicia, Spain
La Session - Batz-sur-Mer, Brittany, France
Mill Race Folk Festival - Cambridge, ON, Canada
SummerFolk Festival - Owen Sound, ON, Canada
Odense Folk Festival - Odense, Denmark
Labadoux Folk Festival - Ingelmunster, Belgium (2 times)
Na Fir Bolg Folk Festival - Vorselaar, Belgium (2 times)
Colorado Irish Festival - Littleton, CO, United States
Concertgebouw De Doelen - Rotterdam, Holland
El Médiator - Perpignan, France
Tyneside Irish Cultural Society - Gosforth Civic Hall, Newcastle, England
Festival Place aux Artistes - Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Brittany, France
Folkin'Ro Festival - St-Genesius-Rode, Belgium


ChargeOur long-awaited second album

"Comas, one of Europe's most sensational Celtic bands, brings together four of the most exciting musicians of their generation." The Irish Post
"Another band added to my 'must-see-live' list." The Living Tradition

Aidan Burke : fiddle
Isaac Alderson : flute and uilleann pipes
Philip Masure : guitar, cittern, bouzouki and vocals
Jackie Moran : bodhran, percussion and vocals

Track listing

1. Joe Toms / The Brocca / The Donegal Lass 4:30 (feat. Sylvain Barou)
2. The Paige Boys / The Whistling Cat / Joan and John's 5:28
3. Het Luiaardsgild / Lazy Waltz 3:03
4. Eastern Lane / Vindaloo 5:30
5. Beoga / Lønningen's Lilt 4:41
6. Drink the Rest and Hide the Bottle / Give Us a Drink of Water / The Steeplechase 5:07
7. Cape Clear 5:13
8. Paddy Fahy's / The Maspeth Reel / Mighty Keith O'Neill 5:28
9. Jim Kelly's / The Windy City / The Soft Horse 3:29 (feat. Sylvain Barou)
10. Bold Donnelly / Winnie Hayes 3:31
11. Finola and Toms Hornpipe / the Tailor's Thimble / Jim Donoghue's / Cavers of Kirkcudbright 4:55


"Comas translates as "power" and these boys have it in spades! They are that rare beast, the Celtic group of international membership, made even rarer by actually being worth listening to. The critical ingredient in this case, not present in so many others, is that the group is comprised of some very talented individuals who have more than casual groundings in Irish traditional music. They also have ace taste in choosing songs and tunes, as evidenced by their inclusion of tunes by Gerry O'Connor, Karen Tweed, and Chris Dawson (!) to note just three (and a wonderful song by guest singer Daithi Rua). Great music, great singing, and great playing." Richard Thornley

Aidan Burke : fiddle
Sylvain Barou : flutes, uilleann pipes and low whistles
Philip Masure : guitar and vocals
Jackie Moran : bodhran and percussion
with :
Helen Flaherty - backing vocals (3)
Dave Munnelly - accordion (2, 3, 9) and piano (7)
Guido Piccard - cittern (5, 6)
Daithi Rua - vocals and guitar (3)
Cedric Waterschoot - fretless bass (7)

Track listing

1. Reels : Tom Ginley's / The Rub / Fisherstreet Reel 3:42
2. Polkas / Jig : Sylvain Barou's Polkas / Peter Ostroushko's Jig 3:57
3. Song: Causeway 5:02
4. Jigs / Reel : Funky Spider / Cock and the Hen / Out on the Edge 4:38
5. Iris 3:46
6. East Link - JJ's Cockroach 5:04
7. Air / SlowReel : Cailin Deas Cruite Na Mbo / Nele's Nutcake 5:28
8. Reels : James Kelly's / Brendan McGlinchey's / Karen Tweed's 4:57
9. Song / Jig :The Rambling Irishman / Plevin Jig 4:09
10. Hornpipe / Waltz / Reels : Natural Progression / Borat's Waltz / Welcome to Shetland / Punch in the Dark 6:23


New websiteDec 12, 2015

The new website is now online. It is not completely finished yet, but it will be soon. We hope you like it.

Eastern Lane / Vindaloo live in MontreálSep 8, 2015

Yet another video from La Grande Rencontre, this time of two twisty new compositions from Belgium. The first is Ron Verstappen's gorgeous tune, Eastern Lane, and the second is our own Philip Masure's monster challenge entitled Vindaloo. It's a spicy one!

More videos from MontreálSep 6, 2015

A few more video clips from our performances at La Grande Rencontre in Montreál, May 2015. Hope you enjoy!

New videos from MontrealSep 5, 2015

Once again, summer has ended and we begin to button up for the fall. Well, we had a great tour anyway, even though it was a short one! Our September tour brought us to Ann Arbor, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and the wonderful Celtic Classic Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Thanks to all our friends, old and new, who came to hang out with us!

Fall 2014 US tourOct 14, 2014

Yet another video from La Grande Rencontre, this time of two twisty new compositions from Belgium. The first is Ron Verstappen's gorgeous tune, Eastern Lane, and the second is our own Philip Masure's monster challenge entitled Vindaloo. It's a spicy one!


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Joe Toms_ The Brocca_ The Donegal Lass


Song : Het Luiaardsgild


Eastern Lane / Vindaloo


Finola and Toms Hornpipe / the Tailor's Thimble / Jim Donoghue's / Cavers of Kirkcudbright