Live Sound & PA Rental

Folk studio, the recording studio of Folk vzw, is a small, cozy studio in Herentals

Contrary to most modern studio's, who prefer a more dry sound, our recording room has been especially built to create a full and warm sound, ideal for accoustic instruments.

In between songs you are welcome to relax in front of the TV, play a boardgame, throw a dart, ping a pong...
For those who travel from afar, our guestrooms are at your leasure.

Our gear

We at Folk vzw are equipped with a PA system which is perfectly adjusted for crowds of up to 500 people.

PA system
Midas M32R Digital Mixing Desk Info
Midas DL16 Digital Stageblock Info
2x Bose F1 812 Active Array Speakers Info
Behringer B1800D-PRO Active 18" Subwoofer Info
4x Passive Monitors
4ch Amplifier
2x Active Monitors
Showtec 8 Fader Lighting Desk Info
2x Eurolite Quad LED Set Info
2x Small Quad LED Spots Info
Eurolite Smokemachine Info
Blue-Red Laser
4ch Amplifier
2x Active Monitors

Live mixing by:


Roderik Masure

Live & studio engineer

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These prices apply to one day of live sound for up to 3 bands, handled by our soundengineer.

  • Sound & Lights
  • PA system - € 250
  • Lighting - € 50
  • Transport - € 0,30/km
  • + 21% VAT

Other options are up for negotiation.


David Munnelly

David Munnelly Band, The Chieftains, De Dannan, ...

"Folk Studios is of a very high standard, mainly to the part that Philip Masure is a great engineer and has a great work ethic. Being a musician himself adds to his understanding of the music and a great understanding and respect for the musician.
Without doubt one of the best and hassle free working experience’s you will encounter."

Toon Van Mierlo

Naragonia, Hot Griselda, Embrun, ...

"De studio van Philip is voor mij ideaal om op een ontspannen en efficîënte manier op te nemen.
De grote troeven van studio folk liggen bij mij vooral in het feit dat er heel snel en heel kwalitatief gewerkt wordt. Dat je een fantastische mzuikant achter de knoppen hebt met gouden oren, zowel muzikaal als op gebied van klank. En dat er een heel ontspannen en goede sfeer is.
Ik voel me er enorm op mijn gemak en niets is te veel of lastig. Ook als beginnende muzikant was het fantastich om zo rustig en goed gecoacht te kunnen opnemen. Ik blijf en ben daarom nog steeds ongelooflijk content na mijn 5de cd. De 6de is dus voor binnenkort."

Daithi Rua

Irish Singer and Songwriter

"Having spent a big part of his life as a computer head, Philip Masure has the golden touch when it comes to the technical workings of the “Pro Tools” Digital recording phenomenon. Not only that but his experience as a live musician and purveyor of Some of the best acoustic guitar playing in the folk/dadgad genre makes him and his studio the perfect choice for anyone interested in recording acoustic based music.
Situated in the Heart of the peaceful Flemish countryside his house and his studio have always been open to musicians, amateur and professional alike and thus making you feel completely at home and at ease and ready to create at any time of the day or night.
Don’t take my word for it…ask any folk Musician in Belgium …"

Some of the bands that were recorded, mixed and/or mastered at Folk studio:

Comas, The Dave Munnelly Band, Naragonia, Urban Trad, No Angry Young Man, Embrun, Black Velvet, Eamon Coyne, Soetkin Collier, Daithi Rua, Aidan Burke, Gunter Bauweraerts, Belgian Plastics, Sakura, Et Encore, Munnelly-Flaherty-Masure, The Jolly Beggars, Floes, Tom Acton, Aidan O’Donnell & Kieran Munnelly, Mick Conneely & David Munnelly, Kieran Fahy, Norbu Tsering, Rawhide, Roseroom Swing, De Vaganten, Andar, Shantalla, Helen Flaherty, Maalstroom, Snakes in Exile, Niall Keegan, Kieran Munnelly & Philippe Barnes, De Vaganten, Moragh, Bart Bulls, Kathleen Vandenhoudt, Piet Van Den Heuvel, TWIBV, …


Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Langegeer 2, 2200 Herentals - BELGIUM

Phone: +32 496 41 57 28

Email: info@folk.be