Isaac Muller - Helen Flaherty - Philip Masure - Siard De Jong

The Helen Flaherty Band brings a program of Irish and Scottish music, with 4 vocals, fiddle, flute, cittern, guitar and bodhran.
Traditional and contemporary song and melodies, with both fresh and innovative arrangements.


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Isaac Muller
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Helen Flaherty : vocals and bodhran

"Vocal Poetry" Celtic Beat, Folk Music Magazine, USA

Helen is a Scottish singer and bodhran player, living in Antwerp. Helen's repertoire consists of both traditional and recent compositions in the traditional vein. She released a solo CD "Oft times I've been cheery" featuring all the band members and musicians like Daithi Rua, Sylvain Barou, Aidan Burke, Jackie Moran. Helen is also a member of the Irish/Scottish Group Shantalla, has appeared as a guest vocalist with The Dave Munnelly Band on the Irish Unplugged Tour, has toured and recorded with Philip Masure and has recorded with the Sean nós singer, Mairtin Tom Sheainin.

Siard De Jong : fiddle, cittern and vocals

'What a great musician' Mike Hanrahan

Siard started his musical career at the age of 14. Being a tenor banjo and mandolin player at the beginning, his focus soon changed to the fiddle. After moving to Amsterdam in his early 20's he played with numerous musicians in the “folk-circuit”; people he met in famous venues like the String and later Irish bar Mulligans. Working at Hampe en Berkel Muziek music store broadend his interest in other instruments like saxophone, flutes and bouzouki. For a full list of collborations check out his website.
Siard plays a Scott Cao violin, Gibson A style Mandolin and Stefan Sobell Cittern. At the moment Siard is also an active member of Fling (NL-B), The Wellwishers(IRL) and Clementine(NL).

Isaac Muller : flutes, whistles and vocals

'Isaac stands out with his unique sound and articulation Jean-Michel Veillon

Isaac is concidered as one of the best wooden flute players in the lowlands. He has specialised in Irish and Breton music, but in his playing influences of several musical styles can be recognised.
He has been teaching flute professionaly for several years now, and he has also worked on archiving and researching the 18th centuary dance music of The Netherlands.

Philip Masure : guitar, cittern and vocals

'superb guitarist, one of the best in Europe' Odense Folk Festival

Although Philip plays a number of instruments, he is mostly known as a guitar player. He has specialised in open-tuning (DADGAD) and has played and recorded with numerous bands including Orion, Laïs, Carlene Anglim (winner BBC2 Young Tradition Award), Mugar, Floes, Garva, ….He is also a member of Urban Trad (2nd in the Eurovision in 2003), Fling and the international band Comas. Philip has been giving workshops all over the world, and has become 'one of the most sought-after guitarists on the Celtic scene' (Irish Post). Philip is also in great demand as a studio musician (more than 100 albums) and producer (20 albums).